With Future Lab by Satino towards a circular economy

"As a leader in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, it is our ambition to transform ourselves into a company that increasingly operates and participates in the circular economy", says Albert Mey, Business Intelligence & Innovations Manager. "We want to provide added value to waste streams by using them as raw materials in our production. To steer this in the right direction, we have established Future Lab by Satino. This is a platform that on the one hand serves to visualise and communicate innovations and on the other hand, is intended to carry out market and concept testing."

"In the new economy it is all about new business models," says Albert Mey. "Closed loop recycling is an example of this. We invite companies to think about the circular concept with us, from within this Future Lab platform. We notice that many companies are enthusiastic about the circular economy and are searching for ways in which they themselves can contribute. In Future Lab, we work together to ultimately introduce new technical concepts and certain propositions to the market."

In April of last year, we opened a new production line, which can extract paper fibres not only from recovered paper but also from alternative raw materials. The intention is to use these alternative raw material flows in the future for the production of toilet paper and paper towels. "That already works very well with drinks cartons, but we obviously strive to convert a larger number of potentially alternative raw materials. In a pilot in Future Lab, we are currently looking into recycling coffee cups."

"The first production of Future Lab is green and has green packaging. This shows immediately that the toilet paper is different because it is made from waste streams. One of the questions we are now looking at in Future Lab is how the market is responding to this colour and whether or not companies and institutions that supply coffee cups are prepared to purchase the green toilet paper from us. That is frankly our starting point if we want to continue with coffee cups, because it is only in this way that the circle can be closed and we can say that we are really recycling."

Albert Mey: "In principle we are ready to start and we can expand the pilot if approached by organisations that are interested. We are expecting growing interest, because the linear economy is gradually transforming into a circular economy."