Enthusiasm at Facilities for our circular concepts

Dare to go circular! Embrace Satino Black. With this tantalising slogan, we invited visitors to our stand to look at our biological and technological circular concept during the three days when the 'Facilitair' exhibition was held (25 - 27 January) in Utrecht. Account manager Gerdie Liekens looks back at the exhibition with satisfaction: "People are genuinely interested in the story behind Satino Black and are curious about our innovations."

"In general, we wanted to inform visitors about the circular economy and in particular, about the Satino Black circular concepts", says Gerdie. "The biological cycle means that we make Satino Black toilet paper from archival records and new dispensers are made from old dispensers in the technological cycle. We highlighted that circular aspect by displaying scraps of paper from recovered paper and granules of old dispensers behind a glass wall with our Satino Black brand name at our stand."

We also showed the most recent innovations on our stand. Gerdie Liekens: "We told our visitors about the new pulping machine that we use, to convert alternative raw materials such as drinks cartons, coffee cups and used towel paper into toilet paper. People were particularly interested in the coffee cup recycling concept and we are therefore very excited that so many organisations are looking to close the circular loop. This is because once we convert coffee cups, we can only close the circular loop if we are able to re-supply toilet paper."

The first toilet rolls that we produced using these alternative raw materials are - for the time being - green in colour. The reason for this is that we want to show that these toilet rolls are made from waste streams. "During the exhibition, the exhibition visitors reacted positively to the green colour," says Gerdie. "People thought the colour was funny, whereby they were immediately able to establish a link with sustainability."

It has now become a tradition that we exhibit at the exhibition every year. "Facilitair is an important exhibition where we meet many end-users, facility managers and wholesalers, who are curious about what will be happening in the market of sanitary facilities in the coming year. During the exhibition, we were able to speak with many enthusiastic people and this could result in some promising contacts. However, we will have to wait a few months to see how successful the exhibition really was. Personally, I look back at the exhibition in Utrecht with a very positive feeling."


Photo caption: Gerdie Liekens informed visitors at the Facilitair-exhibition about the circular economy and in particular about the Satino Black circular concept.