New CSR quarterly figures now available

The new CSR quarterly figures are available. By closely monitoring our performance in the areas of People, Planet and Profit, we continuously work on further improving our sustainability policy.

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Making a visit to the toilet a green experience

31-10-14 |The Green Planet motorway services station, a Shell concession equipped with Satino Black, at the side of the A28 motorway in Pesse in the Dutch province of Drenthe represents the best of both worlds. Manager John Kramer of Green Planet couldn't put it better. “Our pumps deliver both fossil and...

Bacteria working to prevent odour nuisance

19-09-14 |For more than a year now we have received no further odour complaints from the area surrounding our paper factory. That excellent result can be attributed to special bacteria that have been added to the production process. These good bacteria ‘fight’ the bad bacteria, which are responsible for...

Satino Black popular in C2C capital of Europe

02-09-14 |Venlo council is positioning itself expressly as the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) capital of Europe. In 2013 Venlo even received a major award in New York as a result of its efforts in the area of C2C. Together with the councils of Venlo, Horst aan de Maas, Helden, Gennep and Venray, Venlo signed a...

Opportunities for people with occupational limitations

15-08-14 |Three young people with occupational limitations have been working for us for a few months now. François Kres and Ruud Schreurs are supervised by PSW (Educational and Social Work Central and North Limburg) and Rens Dirks from the Employees Insurance Agency. According to personnel advisor Nicole van...

Safe working workshop for fellow companies

31-07-14 |In November we will welcome about 20 technicians from fellow companies for a workshop Lock-out, Tag-out, Try-out (LTT). We are organising this workshop at the request of the Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Papier- en Kartonfabrieken (VNP, Royal Association of Dutch Paper and Cardboard...