Fenedex export award

Our CSR approach has led to significant changes in our production and working processes over the years. This has not only benefited the community and the environment, it has also had a positive effect on our operational results. CSR innovations such as efficient energy usage, reduced water consumption thanks to intensive recycling and re-use of our waste as a raw material for the manufacture of corrugated cardboard boxes have all helped reduce our cost base. And therefore improved our profitability. Not only has our CSR approach created a unique marketing platform for our distribution partners, we also see that continual growth in our employees' pride and involvement substantially contributes to our organisation's success. Thereby creating a robust foundation for continuity.

Innovation and improvement obviously require investment in our employees, machines and processes. Each year, we put a percentage of our profits back into the company. This ensures a constant focus on innovation. The government also provides support in the form of subsidies for developing Cradle to Cradle products and funding research into technological innovations, and by fiscally stimulating investment in energy-saving technology such as our new gas-fired drying hood.