Van Houtum employee

We have focused on respect for all our stakeholders for more than 80 years. The company's founders were very involved with their employees. They visited when somebody was sick and collected employees from their homes on long-service anniversaries. We also have a long tradition of treating our customers and suppliers with respect and loyalty.

Our employees are given the opportunity of developing their talents via our competence management programme. We prevent high sickness absenteeism by determining what people can still do when ill and, preventively, by encouraging vitality. We offer a safe and healthy working environment where our employees can grow. An inspiring place to work as well, with ample opportunities for developing ideas and putting them into practice. As a result, we stimulate entrepreneurial spirit at all levels. In short, we feel justifiably proud of the working environment we offer. Our sickness absenteeism percentage has been fluctuating at approximately 3 percent for many years, with an absenteeism frequency of 0.7. Your employees' enthusiasm and effort truly are crucial ingredients in making progress in the area of sustainability.