Van Houtum sponsorship

A deep respect for people and the environment has shaped operational management at Van Houtum for more than 80 years. We actively include all our stakeholders in this vision on Corporate Social Responsibility, through sponsorship and other activities. As a result, we and our stakeholders jointly make a significant contribution to sustainable developments in society.

We use sponsorship as a marketing instrument for our Satino and Satino Black brands. As a conscientious, committed employer and good neighbour, we also like to contribute to projects initiated by our staff, or worthwhile projects in our direct vicinity. For example, our support made the new playground at De Octopus elementary school in Swalmen possible. The playground - a so-called Zoneparc - consists of a chill, games and sports zone. It was constructed by Zoneparc Foundation Nederland (ZPFN) and contributes to the development of skills in the area of sports and games. It also encourages children to accept responsibility and collaborate with their peers and reduces school yard bullying.

The Zoneparc fits in perfectly with our philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility: our basic objective is to contribute substantially to sustainable social development. This means ensuring that our children and grandchildren are offered at least the same opportunities as those we have benefited from. A safe and pleasant play area will certainly contribute to achieving that objective.

Requests for sponsorship are assessed based on our sponsorship policy and handled by the Communications Manager.