Take part in the Satino Black recycling concept

Satino Black closed-loop

Satino Black is helping to save the environment. And you too have an important role to play in this! Take part in the Satino Black recycling concept and we will make toilet paper rolls and paper towels from your used office paper. You can supply your own raw materials for a unique sustainable toilet experience.

Additional advantage: used paper remains in the region so that less transport is needed worldwide. This reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emission. 

Proven top quality

Satino Black hygiene paper is of top quality. We guarantee this, we hear this from satisfied users and it is demonstrated by the large number of international ecolabels we have been awarded.

Satino Black is the only hygiene paper in the world that is Cradle to Cradle certified; this means that it can be demonstrated that it is produced with 100% raw materials that are safe for people and the environment. Only green energy is used in the CO2-neutral production process. The FSC recycled accreditation mark guarantees 100% use of old paper as raw material and the European Ecolabel recognises our sustainable production processes.

Join us

Join the Satino Black recycling concept now and we will show you how much water, energy and CO2 emission you can save. We will also give you full support in communicating this to your employees and visitors. Take part in the Satino Black recycling concept and you too can make a concrete contribution to a sustainable society.

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