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Business customers source Satino Black from professional cleaning companies, wholesalers and other suppliers. If your current supplier is not yet a Satino Black dealer, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you further.

Satino Black is distributed in the business market via wholesalers, professional cleaning companies and other suppliers. Please contact us for advice and a quotation.

Satino Black is a brand that dares to artistically package caring for People and the Planet. With its trendy matt black dispensers, the world's most sustainable hygienic paper and unique accessories, Satino Black delivers a unique toilet experience. That unique experience deserves an unforgettable name.

Satino Black is a brand that dares to artistically package caring for People and the Planet. Users show audacity by adopting the product. They consciously choose Satino Black and therefore sustainable design. 

Satino Black is the only Cradle to Cradle certified hygienic paper in the world. It is produced in a carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly production process from 100% recycled paper. In recognition of this, the paper has been awarded the FSC recycled label (recovered paper as the raw material) and European Ecolabel (production process).

Satino Black dispensers are made from recycled plastic, produced in a carbon-neutral process using 100% green power and, as the only product of this type in the world, are Cradle to Cradle certified. The Cradle to Cradle certificate guarantees that the dispensers are safe for People and the Planet and designed specifically for technical recycling: the plastic can be re-used infinitely without any loss of its properties. We have set up a return system to achieve this: used dispensers are collected by our customers, we pick them up and our supplier makes new Satino Black dispensers from the materials.


Yes. The boxes of recycled cardboard have the Cradle to Cradle certification and the film is made from a PE that can be completely recycled.

The European Ecolabel is the European Union's environmental hallmark for non-food products and services. The criteria relate to the entire life-cycle of a product or service. From raw materials, energy consumption and water consumption to harmful substances and waste. The criteria of the European Ecolabel reflect the European Union's view of what constitutes an environmentally friendly process. Satino Black easily satisfies the set standards.

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an international organisation that draws up worldwide standards for responsible forest management. The FSC-recycled hallmark guarantees that the raw materials consist of 100% recycled paper. Eighty-five percent of that recycled paper must be post consumer: in other words, the paper has already been used by consumers or businesses.

One hundred percent green power is used to produce Satino Black dispensers and disposables. As a result, the process is carbon neutral.
The combined heat and power plant at Van Houtum's production site is fed with a supply of 100% green gas. This gas - which is of a similar quality to natural gas is produced from biomass and is therefore carbon-neutral. 

The use of high-quality recycled paper allows sustainable production of a pleasantly white and soft hygienic paper. This is a three stage process: 

  1. Recovered paper from offices is used as the basic ingredient. This is a high-quality, white paper.
  2. Next, all contaminants are removed from the recycled paper. For example, plastic, staples and ink, which are removed using screens and other equipment.
  3. Finally, the cleaned paper mass is bleached. The bleaching recourses that are used for this have been tested and approved as Cradle to Cradle compliant and therefore completely safe for People and the Planet.

Satino Black toilet paper and hand towel paper are top products: the paper is pleasantly soft and honest white.

The central concept within Cradle to Cradle is that waste must become a food: raw materials and products are infinitely re-used or completely degraded and given back to nature. They in turn in the form of a raw material - act as 'food' for new products, or literally - as food for various organisms in nature. Satino Black hygienic paper has been designed for biological recycling and is therefore completely safe for People and the Planet.