Satino Black

Discover the new standard

Never was a toilet hygiene solution as revolutionary as Satino Black. Premium quality, contemporary design plus the absolute top in terms of sustainability. A combination that makes Satino Black unique. The circular characteristics are a statement within the industry, making Satino Black the new standard. Discover the new standard, go for maximum sustainability and make your toilet area fully circular.

Satino Black means a huge step forward in a time full of opportunities and possibilities, in which we are striving for high-quality products, and also for a better environment, minimising and - even better - eliminating waste entirely. Because we basically want to do things better instead of less badly. Taking that one step with which we are not just catching up in terms of sustainability, but are leading the way. With Satino Black, you’ll be taking that step and gaining that edge.

  • Comprehensive and functional
  • Beautiful design
  • In a class of its own in terms of sustainability


Sustainability free of worries

The new standard is expanding by encouraging, inspiring and eliminating stress. You choose where the standard begins for you in a modular service model. Satino Black shows you how you can set the bar higher and still continue eliminating stress through flexible cooperation.

FSC, Ecolabel

a selection of the Satino Black product range

Unique Satino Black toilet experience

With Satino Black, you have a complete and functional toilet hygiene solution. An all-in-one concept i.e. one that includes hygienic paper, dispensers, soap, alcohol gel, toilet seat cleaner and various accessories such as a Satino Black toilet brush and clothes hanger. Satino Black’s sustainable quality is tried and tested. Maximum comfort and perfect hygiene are guaranteed. More and more companies and organisations are opting for this total solution and are enthusiastic about the extra benefits. Functional solutions and experienced user comfort. Satino Black is stylish, but also maintenance-friendly. So you have little to worry about.

If you are thinking about choosing a complete (re)design of your toilet areas, you’ll be assured of proven quality with Satino Black and of a total solution, contributing to your company’s sustainability goals. 

View the Satino Black range and experience it for yourself.

Introduce a touch of class to your home

Introduce a touch of class to your home with Satino Black, in terms of design and appearance. Where black seems perhaps a bold choice, the matt version emphasises its understated elegance.  And that’s Satino Black in a class of its own. Satino Black gives your toilet area an authentic and stylish look. It provides a total experience. Everything is carefully integrated and also designed and produced in a sustainable manner.
Sustainability is more innovative, but sustainability is also more appealing. In all perspectives. Become a trend-setter and demonstrate your sense of quality and style with this contemporary concept. A beautiful business card.

International design prizes

Satino Black toilet paper, paper towels, alcohol gel, soap and dispensers are Cradle to Cradle certified. The first ever to achieve this. Anywhere in the world. And Satino Black hygienic paper has won the international WWF Paper Award.
Even the packaging has won awards. The stylish design earned Satino Black the prestigious international Pentaward and Red Dot Award design prizes.