Inspiring employer

van Houtum employees

Working for WEPA Nederland is enjoyable and challenging. Entrepreneurship at all levels is actively encouraged. The flat organisation structure ensures rapid decision-making and close collaboration between managers and staff. Career opportunities within the company are excellent.

As you would expect in an organisation whose continuity is entirely dependent on its individual employees. After all, they are the key to our success. Readiness to change, the desire to work together, the ability to communicate, showing respect for each other and a willingness to learn are all essential requirements. Competency management ensures the presence of these qualities.

Safety is a primary consideration in everything we do. Our employees are aware of the risks to which they are exposed and do their utmost to ensure that work can be carried out as safely as possible. Structured management and improvement of working conditions have been set up and documented in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard 

This has contributed to a strikingly low rate of sickness absenteeism. Good communication plays a contributory role here too. Health issues are discussed by the employee and his manager and then agreements are made about which tasks the employee can still perform. This approach allows everybody to contribute substantially to WEPA Nederland's development.