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Satino Black BriQ Satino Black BriQ, game changer in the toilet


Design and sustainability go together perfectly

The BriQ dispenser is a true eye-catcher in modern toilet areas. In addition to striking design and appearance, the story behind this concept is what makes this range so unique.


The Satino Black BriQ dispensers are produced from 100% recycled plastic and the matching toilet paper and paper towels are made from the most environmentally friendly hygienic paper in world! The unique Cradle-to-Cradle certified production process makes this possible.

Satino Black BriQ folded toilet paper is white, soft, comfortable, sustainable and economical in use. As it is made from recycled office paper for the most part, it is the most sustainable choice for everybody. In addition, the paper is not wound on a core, meaning that there is no residual waste and no air has to be transported during delivery. So even this aspect of Satino Black BriQ paper is environmentally friendly!

Sustainability is very important, but so is an attractive appearance! The sleek styling used for Satino Black BriQ dispensers and the matt black colour create an extremely modern and luxurious look in washrooms. Furthermore, the design has been created for a wide audience. Compact and innovative design makes the Satino Black BriQ range ideal for small toilet areas. This offers possibilities for various hospitality and small business enterprises, which have welcomed this product line with great enthusiasm.

Special variant
With special attention to the growing healthcare sector, Satino Black has also developed a variant highly practical for people with disabilities and for nursing staff. The extra-large Satino Black BriQ XXL toilet paper is extremely convenient to use and offers care organisations a functional, attractively styled and sustainable alternative.

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